10/1/13 - Synthetic Grass solves the shade dilemma in Hawthorn


Synthetic grass in Hawthorn

Artificial grass in Hawthorn

Synthetic grass can transform any area into a wonderful, magical kingdom for any child. Mark wanted to change his backyard from an area covered in brick and hard surfaces, to a lush, soft lawn for his daughter to run around on. His main problem - SHADE. Hawthorn, along with Glen Iris, Mont Albert and surrounding suburbs are known for having a lot of shady, tree covered back and front yards. This makes it near impossible for real grass to grow, which Mark had discovered. His solution was organising for artificial grass to be laid, knowing he would never have to worry about growing grass again.


We covered the bricks: had some professionals (Surrey Hills Garden Supplies) do a great job. Jess just loves running around in bare feet. Yup, we would have liked real grass, but too much shade to get a decent lawn in winter.

Mark - Hawthorn

Synthetic grass in Hawthorn