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14/5/12 - i-Cool Artifical Turf comes to Mount Evelyn

Mount Evelyn Special Development School students now have an added reason to look forward to going to school. Not only do they have new playground equipment, they have new i-Cool synthetic grass to run around and play on. The synthetic lawn also provides bonuses for staff, it answered an age-old problem of natural turf not growing in shady, overgrown areas. With Winter coming up, mud will no longer be trudged inside.

14/12/11 - In The Pines Display at Fed Square

SmartGrass has assisted Joseph Norster from 'The Projects' set up his Christmas display at Federation Square in Melbourne's city centre. We suggest everyone gets there to see the transformation of Fed Square into a forest of pine trees and synthetic grass.

3/11/11 - CoolGrass has arrived

The whole team at SmartGrass are happy to announce we received our first delivery of the new ‘CoolGrass’ synthetic grass range last week. We look forward to launching it into our domestic, synthetic grass market.

2/10/10 - Cut Your Maintenance Costs

SmartGrass is a synthetic grass designed to replicate the look and feel of regular grass. SmartGrass is the softest and lushest synthetic grass on the market. It was designed by a company with more than twenty years experience in the landscaping industry, in response to Australia’s relentless drought conditions and the demanding maintenance requirements associated with regular turf.

2/9/10 - Care & Grooming

Care for your SmartGrass properly and you can extend its life expectancy. Service from your contractor is optional but recommended. However, you can perform easy, regular, general grooming maintenance to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your SmartGrass for the length of its life.